Does Home Insulation Really Work?

Nowadays, homeowners are looking for different ways to reduce the household power consumption. The most common way to do this is to have home insulations installed in your attic. The biggest concern is what product to have installed and what thickness to use. There are many different products available to choose from.

Climateic region insulation products

Always opt for products that comply with the building associations in your area. They will have guidelines on which products and thickness you should consider using for your climatic region. Every climatic region is different. Some suffer from extreme heat, while others battle with the cold.

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The colder or hotter a specific are gets the thicker the insulation you should install. It will cost more for the top of the range insulation but its money well spent in the long run.

Combating all the weak spots

Once you have your attic insulated, you might want to consider getting solar shield window tinting installed on your windows to prevent the heat from entering through there and getting trapped under the insulation. This could create a reverse effect for the attic insulation if you dont block out the window heat.